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Who will find love on our blind date? This week it’s Stephanie, 70 and David, 79


Stephanie, 70 (pictured) has been single for two years and has two grown sons


Past dating?

I was married for 17 years. After my divorce, I tried online dating, but I never found someone who was quite right for me. My last partner died of a sudden heart attack. He was younger than me, so it was a big shock.


Divorced 20 years ago. Single for two years, with two grown sons.


Retired former marketing executive and recruitment consultant.


A tall, friendly man with good teeth. He would prefer to be a father who loves dogs and is environmentally conscious.

Pre-date nerves?

No, I was excited. I was looking forward to meeting someone new over a delicious meal. I told my friends about the date and they all supported me. I was wearing a blue floral dress from Jigsaw.

First impression?

I arrived at the restaurant first and was seated when David arrived. He wore a blue shirt with a multicolored pocket; he later told me he bought it specially. He is 79 but strong and fit. He has good teeth and hands, and he has so much energy.

Easy to talk to?

David made me laugh when he asked if I had artificial knees or hips (I don’t!) because he has so many friends who have had replacements. David’s theory is that his friends think they are sick. I share his vision on positivity and health.

David caught me by surprise when he kissed me on the lips

Neither of us usually drink at lunchtime, but as it was a special occasion I had a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne and David had a few beers. We are both dog lovers. I have a miniature labradoodle named Tilly while David has a collie crossbreed named Archie.


LIKED? David made me laugh.

REGRET? None, I loved it all.


Embarrassing moments?

New. But when we left the restaurant we went in for a kiss. I would have said ‘mwah mwah’ but David went in for a kiss on the lips, which caught me off guard.

Did sparks fly?

Yes, in a strange way. David is very funny. He said I’m too tall, so I said he’s too short. I am 5ft 11in and David is 5ft 10in. There was a spark and if he comes to visit me in Richmond in London I would like it.

See him again?

Yes, I would. David offered to take me out to dinner on my own property.

What do you think he thought of you?

It’s hard to know because he talked so much about himself. We certainly had a nice afternoon. David gave me his business card. The waitress had taken pictures of us and he asked me to send him some pictures so he got my number too.

Would your friends like him?

Some of my friends would like to like David – he’s a likeable guy. There isn’t much not to like.

David, 79 (pictured) has been single for eight years and has four grown sons

David, 79 (pictured) has been single for eight years and has four grown sons


Past dating?

I broke up with my wife in 1990. We met on a blind date in the 1960s. Since then I’ve had one or two girlfriends.

A few have moved in, but eventually they get tired of it. Even though I’m in my 70s, I still work a few hours most mornings, and that includes the weekends.


Single for eight years, with four adult sons aged 50, 49, 40 and 35.


Site manager.


Someone who is intelligent (like myself) and a good laugh. It would be nice if she was also a dog lover.

Pre-date nerves?

No, I don’t care. I was ten years old when my mother died and my father sent me to boarding school. I was bullied and it was a terrible experience, but nothing has bothered me since.

First impression?

Quite good. Stephanie is an attractive, tall and elegant lady. We shook hands and I could tell she was a nice girl.

Easy to talk to?

Yes very much. Stephanie loves restaurants and so do I. She is a grown woman and although we had no previous relationships, we bonded over our dogs. Stephanie’s ex-husband had a twin-engine plane, while I have a single-engine plane. I record it most afternoons.

She has had a good life and has also lived in Australia for a few decades. She is in good health – like me she takes care of herself.

I was kidding that we went to a hotel afterwards?

I appreciate that I’m years past my sell-by date, but I remain active in the yard with my dog ​​Archie.

Stephanie does Pilates a few times a week. I think she was surprised by how agile I am.


LIKED? Stephanie is a very attractive lady.

REGRET? Not at all.


Embarrassing moments?

I touched my arm by saying that I was going to a hotel afterwards – it was a joke and Stephanie was wise enough to take it that way.

Did sparks fly?

Oh yeah. There is definitely a bit of chemistry. I told her she’s an attractive woman – I’m good with compliments. We’ve been texting since lunch.

Will you see her again?

I’d really like to see Stephanie again. It was a perfect date. We also closed it off outside with a kiss and a hug.

What do you think she thought of you?

I don’t know, but I think she was pleasantly surprised. I gave her my business card and asked her to send me the photos we had taken of us over lunch.

Would your friends like her?

Yes, Stephanie is an intelligent, elegant and beautiful lady.

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