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While the budget remains in limbo, Kyrsten Sinema heads to Europe


Ms. Sinema is one of the most closely watched Senate Democrats in the country as one of two centrists, along with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who have objected to the price of Mr. Biden’s budget package, which is a whopping $ 3.5 could spend. trillion in a decade reshaping social and climate policies in the nation.

Now that the Senate is 50-50, Democrats need unanimity to approve any package, which has greatly bolstered both Mr Manchin and Ms Sinema and the party’s vocal proponents. Vice President Kamala Harris would serve as the casting vote.

Mrs Sinema has urged House approval a $1 trillion separate, bipartisan infrastructure bill as the larger budget package is negotiated. She called the delay in the vote on the infrastructure package “unforgivable” and “very disappointing” early October.

When the Senate is out of session, senators are free to raise money, return to their home countries for events, continue to work on legislation in Washington, or travel abroad, whether on official government business or on vacation.

Ms Sinema’s fundraising while she was in the middle of budget negotiations has already been criticized. In late September, a group of five corporate lobby groups, many of which were against the budget bill, held a fundraiser for her in Washington, DC. Sponsors of that event included the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors and the Grocery’s Political Action Committee, as well as lobbyists for roofers and electrical contractors.

Days later, Ms. Sinema traveled to Arizona, where she had a “retreat” for her political action committee at a luxury resort and spa in Phoenix. When she left Washington, the reason her spokesperson gave was a medical appointment for a foot injury. That injury prevented her from running the Boston Marathon, although she was still present. Some climate activists showed up and waved a banner urging her to “Be brave – fight for us.”

Progressive activists have expressed growing frustration with Ms Sinema in recent weeks, with some trying to recruit a primary challenger when she’s next up for re-election, in 2024.

Ms. Sinema entered July with $3.5 million in her reelection account.

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