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What we learned in the latest campaign cash reports


On the left, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remains one of her party’s strongest fundraisers, raising nearly $1.7 million. On the right, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the first-year congresswoman from Georgia, has continued to stir controversy, raising funds along the way, raising $1.5 million, about the same amount as Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, one of the United’s favorite boxers. Mr Trump on the Hill.

At the political center, two moderate Democrats, New Jersey’s Josh Gottheimer and New York’s Tom Suozzi, both reached the $1 million threshold.

To retain the Senate next year, Democrats must first defend four incumbent candidates for reelection in the battlefields of Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia and Arizona. The good news for the party is that all four incumbent parties far outnumbered their Republican challengers, with Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock raising the most of anyone in the country, at $9.5 million.

The picture is darker in three battlefields occupied by the Republicans: North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where the incumbent Republicans are retiring, and Wisconsin, where Senator Ron Johnson has not said for sure whether he will be active again. Democrats face potentially messy primaries in all three races, as are Republicans in the two open seats.

But in each of the three states, the biggest fundraiser in the past quarter between the two parties was a Democrat (excluding those who donated to themselves, such as Sands).

In Florida, Representative Val Demings, a Democrat, has emerged as the cycle’s surprise fundraising star, raising nearly $8.5 million — nearly $2.5 million more than the Republican she’s challenging, Senator Marco Rubio. But Ms. Demings is spending extraordinary amounts to raise that money — $5.6 million in the last quarter alone, much of it spent on Facebook ads seeking new online contributors.

What campaigns spend to raise money — known in the industry as burn rate — is an important indicator, as it shows how much of what is being raised will be available if voters pay more attention.

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