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Walk! Hilarious moment Amazon delivery person gets shocked when Halloween decorations MOVE


Walk! Hilarious moment Amazon delivery person gets shocked when Halloween decorations MOVE

  • An Amazon delivery man from New Jersey was startled by some decorations while delivering a package
  • The hilarious moment was captured on October 11 via doorbell footage
  • The festive Halloween props started moving and he sprinted down the stairs
  • He laughed it off when he realized he wasn’t in any danger and completed the delivery

This is when an Amazon delivery man sprinted away from a porch after spooky Halloween decorations startled him when they started moving and cackling.

His startle response was captured by the homeowner in Eastampton, New Jersey, in hilarious doorbell footage.

In the video, the unsuspecting delivery boy goes to the porch decorated with seemingly harmless ghostly props from Frankenstein and the Pennywise clown from the movie It.

But when the figures start cackling and moving, he turns and sprints down the stairs.

The delivery man quickly realizes that he is not in danger from unearthly ghosts, starts laughing and goes back upstairs to take a picture of the package.

“Dang, they caught me too, I’m going on TikTok, I already know I’m on TikTok,” he tells the camera.

The man sprints down the stairs, startled by the moving and cackling Halloween decorations as he makes a delivery in Eastampton, New Jersey

Initially the Amazon delivery person is calm when he puts the package down

He immediately turns to run when he is startled by the party dolls

The unsuspecting delivery man doesn’t expect the Halloween props to move, cluck and talk as he drops off the package

“I already know I’m on TikTok, it’s over for me.”

The sharer of the video, which took place on October 11, said: “My Amazon husband made a delivery and was startled by my Halloween props, causing him to run down the stairs.”

“Speaking of fast delivery,” Kimberly Bailey said in a comment below ViralHog’s YouTube video.

Another user added, “These kind of guys will survive horror movies.”



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