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Victoria’s Covid cases continue to rise with 1,365 new infections and nine deaths


Victoria’s Covid cases continue to rise with 1,365 new infections and nine deaths

  • Victoria records 1,365 Covid-19 infections and nine new deaths on Saturday
  • 288 patients have been hospitalized with Covid, 44 in the ICU and 20 on a ventilator
  • More than 91 percent of Victorian residents aged 12 and older are fully vaccinated
  • Despite milestone, anti-vaxxers target abuse among doctors for waivers
  • Doctors say only a small minority of people are exempt from vaccine mandates

Victoria has added 1,365 infections to its COVID-19 caseload and has recorded a further nine virus-related deaths.

The state still manages nearly 14,400 active cases of coronavirus. There are 288 virus patients in Victorian hospitals, 44 of them in intensive care and 20 on ventilators.

Health authorities say virus testers managed to get 67,545 results in the 24 hours to Friday night.

Victoria is 91 percent fully vaccinated for everyone 12 years of age or older.

Meanwhile, anti-vaxxers seeking jab waivers are increasingly abusing Victorian doctors, as protesters vow to protest again despite the state’s pandemic laws passed by parliament.

Anita Munoz, president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, says she is aware of “disturbing incidents of abusive and threatening behaviour” by people who do not qualify for an exemption.

The trade association says anti-vaccination groups have encouraged people to apply for waivers on grounds not listed as exempt by the Australian Technical Advisory Group’s comprehensive guidelines on Immunisation.

‘I am very concerned about the level of abuse that GP teams in Victoria are seeing of people applying for vaccine exemptions when they are ineligible,’ said Dr Munoz on Friday.

“It’s a small minority and most people are doing the right thing. However, we urgently need to tackle this problem, we cannot just ignore it.’

Karen Price, chair of the RACGP, said only a “very small number of people” are ineligible for a vaccine due to “contraindications”.

“For those people who have a contraindication to one vaccine, there are other vaccine options available,” she said.

“I encourage people who are concerned about getting the shot to make an appointment to talk to their primary care physician.”

Protesters against vaccine mandates and the state’s incoming pandemic laws gathered from outside the Victorian Parliament on Friday after the controversial bill passed by both houses on Thursday.

It makes Victoria the first state in Australia to have pandemic-specific laws and the legislation will now go to Governor Linda Dessau for royal assent before replacing the state of emergency on December 16.

Some protesters have moved to Government House, Ms Dessau’s official residence, with a rally in Melbourne city center on Saturday.

Mayor Sally Capp says the recurring protests are hurting traders.

“These protests mean continued hardship,” she told reporters on Friday.

“That’s why we are very pleased that the Pandemic Act has been resolved in the Victorian Parliament this week so that we can move forward.”



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