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Trump writes critical letter to editor to The Wall Street Journal


In your lead article “The Election for Pennsylvania’s High Court” (October 25), you mention the fact that a court erroneously stated that ballots can be counted after Election Day. “This didn’t matter,” you add, “because Mr. Biden won the state by 80,555 points, but the country is lucky the election didn’t get any closer. If the election had hung on a few thousand Pennsylvania residents, the next president might have been chosen by the US Supreme Court.

Well, actually the election was rigged, which unfortunately you still haven’t found out. Here are just a few examples of how defining voter fraud in Pennsylvania was:

• According to Audit the Vote PA, 71,893 ballots were returned by post after November 3, 2020 at 8:00 PM. None of these should have been counted under the U.S. Constitution and the state legislature, which did not approve this amendment.

• 10,515 mail votes from people who are not on the Pennsylvania electoral rolls at all.

• 120,000 excess voters are not yet accounted for by the Pennsylvania State Department – far more votes than voters!

• From 2016 to 2020, during my term as president, Republicans beat Democrats 21 to 1. This translated into a 659,145 vote lead at 12:38 p.m. on election night, with “Trump” a full 15 points.

• Hundreds of thousands of votes were illegally counted in secret, in violation of a court order, while Republican poll watchers were ejected from voting buildings.

• 39,771 people who registered to vote after the October 19, 2020 deadline still voted in the 2020 elections – just not allowed.

Highly respected Audit the Vote PA found numerous data integrity issues in the Pennsylvania Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE) system, including:

• 305,874 voters were removed from the list after the elections on November 3.

• 51,792 voters with inactive voter registrations at the end of October 2020 voted anyway.

• 57,000 duplicate registrations.

• 55,823 voters who have been reintegrated into the SURE system.

• 58,261 new voters aged 70 and over.

• 39,911 people who were put on the electoral roll under the age of 17.

• 17,000 mailed ballots to addresses outside of Pennsylvania.

• Another analysis from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania found that 98% of the eligible population in the county was already registered to vote – not possible.

• A survey in Montgomery County identified 78,000 phantom voters, with approximately 30% of respondents unaware that people are registered and voting from their address.

• One Lancaster County nursing home had 690 registrations and an extremely high 85% turnout in 2020, while nursing homes were closed due to Covid. One of these residents said she had not voted in the past 3 years, but had a ballot in her name.

• 25,000 ballot papers were requested from nursing homes at exactly the same time.

• Numerous reports and affidavits testify to intimidation and intimidation of pollsters, often with brute force.

• Attorney General Bill Barr ordered US Attorney Bill McSwain to resign and not to investigate election irregularities.

• Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg collapsed more than $17 million to meddle in the Pennsylvania election, including $5.5 million for “vote processing equipment” in Philadelphia and $552,000 for drop boxes where the voting pattern was not possible.

And so much more! This is why Democrats and the Fake News Media don’t want a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania. In reality, 80,555 ballots are nothing when there is so much corruption or voter irregularities.

Donald J. Trump

Palm Beach, Florida.


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