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The bedroom style mistakes to avoid for better mental health

It’s meant to be your retreat, but the space you create in your bedroom can affect your mood, especially if it’s cluttered, experts say.

According to psychologist Nancy Sokarno and Wiring stylist Jackie Brown there are eight common mistakes people make with their bedrooms.

From poor lighting to lack of greenery, the women have revealed why you can feel flat and tired despite hitting your eight hours.

According to sleep experts, a cluttered bedroom can lead to poor mental health

According to sleep experts, a cluttered bedroom can lead to poor mental health

Clutter is the first and biggest problem.

“Any clutter or clutter can have a negative impact on a person’s mental health as it can make the brain feel disorganized and affect the ability to think clearly,” said Ms. Sokarno.

Ms Brown said that replacing the junk with a simple candle or oil burner can have a huge positive effect.

She also suggests using scents like frankincense and lavender to make it feel like a more relaxed space.

The experts say it is important to have greenery in the bedroom.

They said a bedroom with plants can feel calmer. They also help absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which can be beneficial to your health.

A lack of soothing colors can also be a problem.

“Certain colors can evoke different emotions, so try to consider the stronger shades and what they can evoke,” said Ms. Sokarno.

What are the eight most common bedroom style mistakes?

1 – Too much clutter

2 – No green

3 – Use of bright, exciting colors

4 – Poor top lighting

5 – Poor natural lighting

6 – Working from your bedroom

7 – Using the wrong blades

8 – Too many flat, straight surfaces and corners

SOURCE: Wiring

‘For example, red is the color of energy, so it can often increase anxiety and make it harder to relax. Instead, opt for soothing colors like light blue, which will make you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.”

Poor ceiling lighting is the fourth problem — if your bedroom is too dark, you may not feel energized in the morning, according to the experts.

But if it’s too bright, it can be hard to sleep.

Ms. Brown suggests softer LED bulbs and a variety of lighting options in the room, including lamps.

It is also important to use natural lighting effectively and have a combination of light blocking and pure options.

“Adequate sleep is key to functioning as a happy and healthy person, and these options allow you to choose how your sleep is optimized,” said Ms. Brown.

“Sheers will provide privacy and distill the harsh morning light without blocking the rays of your ‘alarm clock’ in the morning,” she said.

And for those who need a pitch dark room to sleep well, there are simple solutions.

“Light-blocking options may be a better fit for you. I’ve seen these two paired with linen curtains, they looked incredible,” she said.

The sixth problem many people have is working from their bedroom, which has become a bigger problem since the Covid pandemic.

The experts said it was “never a good idea” to bring work to the bedroom, but acknowledged that it often couldn’t be avoided.

If you have to work from your bedroom, it’s important to try and set up a work area outside your bed.

The experts also agreed that working from the bedroom is never a good idea

The experts also agreed that working from the bedroom is never a good idea

The experts also agreed that working from the bedroom is never a good idea

The wrong sheets can also hinder your sleep.

“Lack of sleep can make a person more prone to mood swings, compromise decision-making and affect creativity,” Ms Sokarno said.

Ms. Brown recommended flax cotton sheets, as they can be used all year round and require minimal care.

The last problem seen in bedrooms is too many straight lines and flat surfaces.

“Using set pieces with rounded corners can actually help you relax,” said Ms. Brown.

“Implementing curves in your furniture and accessories will make you feel safe and stay calm, so play with ‘soft geometry’.”


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