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Texas fugitive wanted on child abuse charge arrested in Colombia


Texas fugitive wanted on child abuse charge arrested in Colombia after nearly two years on the run

  • Stephen Alan Early has been arrested in Colombia, the South American country’s immigration office announced on Thursday
  • The 69-year-old had fled Tarrant County, Texas after being charged with child abuse
  • The US citizen was on the run for nearly two years, but the US Embassy’s Marshalls unit informed local authorities of his whereabouts
  • Colombia Migration said it had revoked Early’s visa, which was at one point approved by the State Department

A 69-year-old man wanted in Texas on child abuse charges has finally been arrested while hiding in Colombia.

Stephen Alan Early, whose last known address was in Tarrant County, was on the run for about two years before United States and Colombian authorities detained him in the central city of Ibagué, Colombia Migration announced Thursday.

The country’s border control agency said Early’s arrest was made possible by information about his whereabouts provided by the US Embassy’s Marshalls unit to the National Police, the Criminal Investigation Directorate and Interpol.

Stephen Alan Early, who was on the run for nearly two years when he was arrested on Texas child abuse charges, has been arrested in Ibagué, Colombia, the country’s border control agency announced on Thursday.

“Alan Early was wanted by United States authorities for nearly two years and a warrant for his arrest had been issued by a judge in the state of Texas,” Colombia Migration said.

Despite his fugitive status, Early was legally present in Colombia because he was granted an M migrant visa – granted to people who want to enter or stay in the country with the intention of staying there.

A spokesperson for the Colombia Migration told that Early had his ‘M-type’ visa revoked and was took him to Bogotá.

The agency said it would “impose a deportation order against him and make him available to the United States authorities to account for the crimes imposed on him.”

It is unknown which city or county in Texas charged Early and the date the alleged crimes were committed. has contacted the US Marshalls and Colombia Migration for comment.



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