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Swedish TikTok chef shares GENIUS 15-second insider tip that will change the way you bake


REVEALED: The ‘genius’ mess-free way to measure honey while baking without using a spoon or cup – and you get the perfect amount every time

  • A TikTok chef shared a baking tip to measure honey without extra utensils
  • Method requires making an indentation in a mound of flour and pouring honey
  • Comments are divided on the hack, claiming it “wouldn’t really work”

Food influencer and TikTok chef Frekerikke Wærens has posted an insider tip on how she measures honey and other sticky liquids without using the usual measuring tools.

the 15-second video captioned ‘#lifehack’ showed the Swedish foodie effortlessly pouring out a tablespoon of honey without using a measuring cup.

The cake influencer first made a dash in a mound of flour with the back of a measuring spoon.

Honey is poured in for a perfect measurement

The 15-second video showed a hack to measure honey without using a kitchen scale

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She exchanged the spoon for a bottle of honey and poured the substance seamlessly into the line.

The TikTok has been viewed nearly a million times and has received mixed reviews from the influencer’s 200,000 followers.

“Where have you been all my life?” noted one user. “I overloaded my tablespoon. because I know I won’t quite make it out.’

“I don’t even bake, but this is genius!”

“I think this is the best hack I’ve ever seen. As simple as that.’

Some users also shared personal baking habits that definitely come in handy.

“I spray the spoon with cooking spray before measuring honey and it doesn’t stick!” a home cooking account comment.

‘That also works for molasses, which is worse to measure than honey! I use it for my gingerbread cookie recipe.’

Mama Sascha has revealed a clever trick to prevent baking paper from jumping up when placed in a baking dish

She shared the tactic with the 'The Healthy Mummy Health Private Support Group' she runs

Mama Sascha has revealed a clever trick to prevent baking paper from jumping up when placed in a baking dish

In a video Sascha squeezed the paper into a ball to make sure it lay flat

The post quickly caught the attention of moms across the country, with many branding the trick as a

In a video, Sascha kneaded the paper into a ball to make sure it lay flat and worked exceptionally well

Unfortunately, there were a few amateur chefs who weren’t impressed with this time-saving tip.

‘As a bachelor in bakery sciences, I know that the inner diameter is not equal to the outer diameter’, emphasizes one user.

“Dry ingredients and wet ingredients are often separated…this wouldn’t work.”

Nevertheless, social media is a goldmine of cooking and baking hacks with a video recently showing the ‘right way’ to use parchment paper.

Mother of four Sascha, who runs the ‘The Healthy Mummy Health Private Support Group’ Facebook page, shared her clever tactics with the 230,000 women in the online community.

Because baking paper often jumps up in a baking dish, Sascha chose to knead the paper into a ball before smoothing it to line the baking sheet.

The resulting folds in the paper prevented it from sliding on the sheet during cooking.

“I’ve been using baking paper incorrectly for 30 years,” she wrote in the post.



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