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Southern Hairy Nose Wombat from Safe Haven Sanctuary in Queensland tips 35kg scales


Huge wombat named Miss Ruby is put on a training program after the scale weighs a whopping 35kg

  • Safe Haven Sanctuary in Queensland has uploaded an image of a giant wombat
  • Social media users were shocked by the furry marsupial’s sheer size
  • The Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat weighs no less than 35 kilograms

A fat wombat has shocked Australians at its sheer size and has even been put on an exercise program to help her shed a few pounds.

Safe Haven AACE uploaded an image to its Facebook page on Saturday of a smiling handler holding the giant marsupial.

Miss Ruby, who calls Safe Haven Sanctuary home, weighs 35kg and Facebook users are amazed at her monstrous size.

A giant wombat weighing 35 kg has shocked social media users at its sheer size (pictured)

‘That thing is damn big! Who cares,” wrote one person.

“Crikey,” another commented.

“Miss Ruby, you are huge,” added a third.

But others were fascinated by how cuddly the chubby wombat looked, with one person saying, “Oh so cuddly.”

“So cozy,” added another Facebook user.

‘OMG! That’s a huge bundle of love,” wrote another.

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats usually weigh between 20 and 32 kilograms (pictured, stock photo)

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats usually weigh between 20 and 32 kilograms (pictured, stock photo)

Miss Ruby is currently undergoing an exercise program, where wildlife volunteers will take the furry marsupial for a walk to help her shed the extra pounds.

Safe Haven Sanctuary on Queensland’s Mount Larcom is home to more than 20 Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats who are part of a captive breeding program.

The critically endangered species is threatened by Sarcoptic mange, a disease that has killed up to 90 percent of affected populations.

Weighing from 20 to 32 kilograms, the herbivores feed on grass and woody shrubs.

The marsupials are mostly found in scrubland in the southeastern corner of Western Australia, South Australia and even as far south as New South Wales.



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