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Real blue Australian bushman fined $100 for wearing POCKET KNIFE on his belt Queensland


Real blue Australian bushman and rodeo champion, 75, has been fined $100 for wearing a POCKET KNIFE on his belt – despite doing it every day since he was 14

  • Man fined by police for carrying a pocket knife he’s had for over 60 years
  • Wayne McLennan, 75, was stopped by police in the rural town of Chinchilla
  • Local legend known as ‘Cowboy’ was fined for carrying a small knife in public
  • Mr McLennan says it’s common for bushmen to carry a pocketknife

An elderly bushman who has carried a small pocket knife for more than 60 years was charged and taken to court after publicly possessing the item.

Wayne McLennan, 75, is a local legend in his hometown of Chinchilla, Queensland, where he is affectionately known as the former rodeo champion ‘Cowboy’.

But last month, as Mr McLennan was on his way home from the local pub, he was stopped by police and breathed in, before being taken to the station after blowing something over the limit.

After producing a second test under the legal blood alcohol level, the policewoman informed him that he would be charged with another crime.

“When I was there she said ‘but I’m going to accuse you of carrying a pocket knife in public’. I said “what? I didn’t know you weren’t allowed to wear one,” he told A Current Affair.

“I’ve been wearing one since I was 14 years old. She said “that’s it, that’s the law”.’

Wayne McLennan was charged last month by police for carrying the small pocket knife (pictured) after he left a pub in his hometown of Chinchilla in Queensland.

Mr. McLennan said he has been running his business on his farm and in town for decades with the small knife in his pocket.

Measuring barely more than an inch, the blade is used for common jobs around the field and is a necessary part of any farmer’s tool belt.

“Well, if I have to put out a bale of hay, I use it to cut the rope and then open a bag of horse food and use it to open the top,” he said.

Cowboy was in Chinchilla last month and had a few beers in the pub with friends before getting some takeaway and heading back to his car.

The police stopped him before he even got into the car and said they were going to breath analyze him where he blew over the legal limit.

The 75-year-old blew below the legal limit on his second attempt, but police still wouldn’t let him go.

Cowboy was charged with Section 51 of the Queensland Guns Act, which states that a person should not possess a knife in a public place or school unless he has a reasonable excuse.

The farmer said he “wouldn’t have had one with me had I known I wasn’t allowed to wear one” and was shocked by the policewoman’s decision.

Mr McLennan (pictured) said he has been running his business for decades on his farm and in the city with the small knife in his pocket

Mr McLennan (pictured) said he has been running his business for decades on his farm and in the city with the small knife in his pocket

Mr. McLennan stood before the local court where a magistrate fined him $100 and allowed him to leave without conviction.

He says no one in town could believe his story.

“That’s why people keep calling me and talking about it, they didn’t know if it was true or not,” he said.

Other bushmen in the city have supported the 75-year-old, saying it was common practice to innocently carry a small pocket knife.

“Oh, it’s ridiculous, every second guy in here who walks into this pub on a Friday night has a pocketknife on his belt,” said Tom Latimore, a fellow resident of Chinchilla.



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