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Queensland man charged after allegedly performing burnout at Logan gender reveal party


Hoon who celebrated the birth of a baby boy in a VERY bogan way ends up in hot water with the police

  • QLD police have charged a 29-year-old man with a taunting incident in Logan
  • A motorist captured footage of a red sedan burning through a street
  • The stunt was part of a gender reveal – with blue smoke coming out of the car
  • Police announced Friday that a Loganlea man has been arrested following an investigation

A Queensland man who allegedly vacuumed a residential street while emitting blue smoke in an unconventional gender reveal has ended up in hot water.

Police have charged the 29-year-old after he allegedly turned the wheels of a Holden Commodore in Logan, south of Brisbane, in September to announce the sex of an unborn child.

A female motorist filmed the man’s red sedan driving down the street as he released a sizable cloud of bright blue smoke, triggering a police investigation.

As she turns into the street, you can hear them say in a flat, unimpressed tone, “Right. Reveal gender. It is a boy.’

Police have charged a 29-year-old man with dangerous driving after allegedly performing burnouts on a Logan Street to send blue smoke into the sky for a gender reveal party (pictured)

As the sedan screeches past, her vehicle is completely enveloped in the plume of smoke.

“Yeah, you can’t drive right now,” she mumbles.

The incident was witnessed by a group of people who had gathered in the street to watch and take pictures.

On Friday, police revealed that they had identified the alleged perpetrator and charged him with dangerous vehicle operation.

The Loganlea man is due to appear before the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on December 1.

Police told AAP they could not confirm whether the man is the father of the unborn boy.

The gender reveal is a relatively new phenomenon. It usually involves expectant parents gathering family and friends to reveal the gender of their baby.

Usually, parents opt for conservative stunts such as popping a balloon, releasing pink or blue confetti, or cutting open an appropriately colored sponge cake.

But as with all things, some people want to take things to the next level — like the couple who shared images claiming to show a wild tiger bursting a balloon filled with pink powder on a beach in Dubai.

In May, a western Sydney couple asked a Turkish restaurant to write the gender of their baby on a board hidden under a mountain of kebab meat and chips to reveal the gender to their loved ones.

Police launched an investigation after receiving footage of the red sedan speeding down the street

Police launched an investigation after receiving footage of the red sedan speeding down the street



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