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Queensland father Stephen Craker has to undergo leg amputation after being bitten by white tail spider


Devastated dad who thought a small bump at his ankle was an ingrown hair has to have his leg amputated after it turns out to be a spider bite

  • Stephen Craker, 62, had his left leg amputated after being bitten by a white tail spider
  • Mr Craker was giving a quote to a client at a Kippa-Ring home when he was bitten
  • He noticed a small bump at his ankle, but within days he could barely walk
  • The bite turned into necrosis requiring nine surgeries and a leg amputation
  • His devastated daughter has now started a GoFundMe for medical expenses

A Queensland father has suffered a horrific ordeal after a minor spider bite resulted in a leg amputation.

Stephen Craker, 62, was bitten by a white tail spider while bidding for a garden maintenance job at a Kippa-Ring house 17 miles northeast of Brisbane on Oct. 21.

A few hours later, Mr. Craker was returning to his home in Clontarf when he noticed a small bump near his ankle that looked like an ingrown hair, according to The Courier Mail.

Stephen Craker, 62, (pictured) had recently received a job offer and was working on a garden maintenance quote when he was bitten by a white tail spider

Over the next two days, Mr. Craker’s bump became increasingly painful, resulting in a visit to the family doctor who prescribed antibiotics for the 62-year-old.

On October 24, Mr. Craker was in so much pain that he could barely walk.

After a trip to the hospital and later a visit from a family doctor, he was advised to keep taking his antibiotics and was given medication for pain relief.

Three days later, Mr. Craker’s condition worsened after his bite developed into a painful infection, prompting his family to call an ambulance to Redcliffe Hospital.

Doctors performed two operations on his leg over five days, but after he developed necrosis, he was transferred to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Surgeons desperately tried to remove the infected tissue from his left leg, with Mr. Craker undergoing a total of nine surgeries in four weeks.

In the end, doctors told Mr. Craker that his only option was a knee amputation.

Days later, Mr. Craker was in hospital with a serious infection (pictured) that eventually led to a leg amputation below the knee

Days later, Mr. Craker was in hospital with a serious infection (pictured) that eventually led to a leg amputation below the knee

Craker’s daughter Mish Jones has now launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her father with the financial costs of his rehabilitation and medical expenses.

“My dad was absolutely delighted, words cannot really describe how excited he was to start a new job, especially after 11 years of waiting for an opportunity,” she wrote.

Ms Jones said her father had been through “absolute hell” for the past month and that she just wanted to make him laugh again.

“It pains me to see my loved one go from the happiest I’ve ever seen to his whole world turned upside down,” she said.

“He’s now trying to heal and get better, but knowing he’s lost his job prospects has completely broken his heart and it’s extremely hard to watch.”

Tests performed on the removed tissue confirmed that he had been bitten by a white spider.

White-tailed spiders are common in homes across Australia and range in size between 12-18mm.

Although non-venomous, the spider bite can cause a mild reaction, including itchiness and skin discoloration.

In rare cases, like Mr. Craker’s, painful blistering and ulceration can occur, leading to serious complications.

Mr Craker is now reportedly out of hospital and recovering at home but is still experiencing some pain and discomfort.

white-tailed spider bites

Try to keep the spider for identification purposes if you have been bitten.


Local irritation, such as a stinging or burning sensation

a small lump

Localized itching


skin discoloration

Ulceration (in some cases)

Nausea and vomiting (in some cases)


Apply an ice pack to help relieve swelling

Consult a doctor if the skin starts to blister or develop sores



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