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NSW Premier struggles: Catholic father of six treasurer set to Gladys Berejiklian. to replace


Devout Catholic father of six treasurers to replace Gladys Berejiklian as NSW prime minister by uniting rivals against his jogging buddy and closest mate after key ally switches sides

Dominic Perrottet becomes NSW Premier after a key ally switched sides when an endorsement by ex-Prime Minister John Howard gave the current treasurer an unbeatable lead.

The right-wing treasurer had already secured the support of many liberal moderates by choosing Environment Secretary Matt Kean, 40, as his running mate.

But now the party’s centre-right is now also waving behind him after Mr Howard’s endorsement.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes was the only other contender to raise his hand for the Premier role, but he relied on figures from the centre-right.

But that faction, led by Police Secretary David Elliot, would now have changed allegiances after Mr. Howard’s nod, effectively empowering Mr. Perrottet.

With additional support from Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres, 40, Perrottet’s lead now seems insurmountable and may not even be voted in the banquet hall on Tuesday.

Mr. Ayres becomes Mr. Perrottet’s deputy leader, while Mr. Kean becomes the treasurer.

A formal transfer of power could be announced as early as Sunday evening.

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