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New mom recovering from cesarean section leaves a kind note for an inconsiderate driver who parked her


Read the passive-aggressive letter from a mother who was recovering from a cesarean section and left a driver who parked too close to her at the hospital and blocked the doors… so who do YOU ​​think is wrong?

  • An Adelaide mother shared a kind note she wrote to a driver parked outside the city centre
  • She couldn’t put her baby in her car because the car was too close to hers
  • In the letter she asked the driver to be more considerate of others in the future
  • However, she told others that she really wanted to tell the driver to park

A new mother recovering from a cesarean section hit a driver who parked so close to her car that she struggled to leave the hospital with her baby.

The Adelaide woman took to a Facebook group for new moms to vent after a black Holden Astra blocked access to the passenger doors of her SUV.

The car was parked off-center, but within the white lines.

The new mom then left a passive-aggressive note for the driver, which she shared online along with a photo of the two cars parked side by side.

“Hello, I’m sorry you’re in the hospital and I hope everything goes well,” the note began.

‘I Couldn’t Have My Babies’ [sic] capsule in the left back door, so I had to do it from the other side.’

An Adelaide woman shared a nice letter she wrote to a Black Holden driver (pictured) after they parked their vehicle too close to her four-wheel drive

The woman said she had 14 stitches from her cesarean section, which made for “a pretty funny dance” as she tried to put her baby in the car.

“I thought I’d let you know in case another parent doesn’t take your car into account next time,” the letter continued.

“Maybe park a little more to the left or see if there’s a baby capsule seat.”

The woman signed the letter, “Enjoy your week,” but told other moms she secretly suppressed her anger.



‘[I] I really wanted to say that you have to learn to park or at least be considerate of others,” she wrote in the Facebook group.

It is not known why the other driver went to the hospital, and it may well have been an emergency.

The mother’s post – which has since been deleted – gained more than 160 likes within hours as other parents expressed their support.

The parking incident comes after a Sydney driver was shamed online in May after parking bumper-to-bumper behind another vehicle.

Photos of the scene, however, left Aussies divided — with some unsympathetic to the parked driver, claiming they could have easily pulled out of the tight spot.

Despite writing a nice letter, the woman said she suppressed the desire to say the driver away

Despite writing a nice letter, the woman said she suppressed the desire to say the driver away



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