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‘Mordida, Mordida’: Spanish Heritage Month Gets The Meme Treatment


“Her neck was going to hurt if she was in that position for a while,” he said.

Not all of the memes were created for Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 15. The radio caller who mistook “Rhythm of the Night” for Reeboks or Nikes has gone viral before. (Sally Moon, 27, continued) Twitter that the clip had been “permanently burned” in their brains for more than 10 years.) But in a world dominated by Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, where everything comes online, the memes have taken on new meaning during Hispanic Heritage Month. .

“For me it means a time to appreciate where we all come from,” said Mr. Sanchez. “It is also a time when we all realize and interact with each other. That even if we come from different places or countries, we all have the same customs and the same idiosyncrasies.”

Hispanic Heritage Month initially began as a week-long celebration after President Lyndon Johnson signed the National Hispanic Heritage Week Act in 1968. Twenty years later, President Ronald Reagan signed a law extending the celebration to a full month.

“Hispanic Heritage Month also gives other ethnic groups a chance to see that we don’t differ much from each other and to appreciate the rich cultural diversity we bring to the table,” said Mr. Sanchez, who was born in Nicaragua and now in Virginia. .

Companies like Target, T-Mobile and the NFL are taking their own steps to recognize the month. Target teamed up with Spanish makers and entrepreneurs to create a temporary collection of shirts, coffee mugs and other accessories. T-Mobile, in partnership with iHeartMedia, has committed to donate more than $100,000 to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. And the NFL placed a tilde over the N in its logo, among other things.

While the company’s gestures and initiatives take steps to recognize the month and the people behind it, the tweets are a way to honor your heritage with a smile.

Still, some believe that a month is not enough to recognize a group that makes up millions in the United States.

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