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Isolate Britain pledges to half resume roadblock campaign


Eco-crowd WILL return: Isolate Britain promises to resume roadblock campaign during half-week before COP26, as they say Boris’ Net Zero strategy ‘completely falls short of the challenges we face’

Environmentalists Insulate Britain warned today that they will resume protests against roadblocks next week, causing misery for families on holiday.

The group said it would “revolt against tyranny” in response to the government’s Net Zero reports, which it said “fail completely to meet the challenges we now face.”

Insulate Britain had previously said on October 14 that it had paused its protests – which have caused misery to motorists across London – until Monday, October 25.

Insulate Britain activists were removed from an M25 roundabout near Heathrow last month

A spokesperson said: ‘Insulate Britain has considered the UK government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy, the Net Zero Strategy and the Cost of Net Zero reports.

“We came to the conclusion that 30 years ago this would have been a good first step, but they are not at all up to the challenges we face today.

What we need in this ‘period of consequences’ is a wartime national effort, a united front of shared sacrifice, not a plan to cross your fingers and hope for the best. That is why Insulate Britain will continue our campaign of nonviolent civilian resistance.”

Insulate Britain, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, claimed the “government’s plan to decarbonize our homes is failing by almost every measure.”

It said the £450 million allocated to heat pump subsidies will help just 30,000 households a year, which is a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to the 900,000 the Climate Change Committee needs a year by 2028.

A spokesman concluded: “Our ancestors fought a civil war to remove such tyranny from these islands and sacrificed their lives to gain the rights and freedoms we now enjoy as citizens.

Today it is our turn, our responsibility, to rise up against tyranny. We owe that to our ancestors, to our fellow citizens and to those who come after us in the great chain of life.’

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