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In Biden’s foreign policy, friends and foes claim echoes of Trump


They include Mr Biden’s continuation of Trump-era trade tariffs, which Democrats outright denounced before Mr Biden took office, but his officials soon came to see them as a source of leverage in their relations with China.

Similarly, Iranian officials bitterly complain that Mr Biden has not lifted any of the many economic sanctions Mr Trump imposed after he pulled out of the nuclear deal. Early in Mr Biden’s presidency, some European allies urged the government to lift some of those restrictions as a way to kick-start nuclear talks, but Biden officials refused to do so. .

Last month, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused that “America’s current administration is no different from the previous one because what it is demanding of Iran on the nuclear issue is different in words, but the same as what Trump demanded,” he said. . Khamenei’s official website quoted him as saying.

Now, after a months-long lull in negotiations and the election of a new, tough government in Tehran, Biden officials are warning Iran that time is running out for a mutual return to the nuclear deal.

Mr Trump has been criticized by numerous foreign policy veterans from both parties. But criticism of the Biden team’s management is also mounting, especially after the US military’s erroneous drone strike in Kabul last month that killed 10 civilians, including seven children and an aid worker.

Some Biden officials say, without admitting much blame, that diplomacy’s job has been particularly difficult as dozens of experienced foreign service officers retired during the Trump administration. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz has also blocked dozens of Biden candidates from senior State Department positions and ambassadors.

Mr Biden also encounters the Trump equation in other situations, including immigration.

“The question now being asked is, how are you different from Trump?” Marisa Franco, the executive director of Mijente, a Latino civil rights organization, told The Times this week.

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