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Everton fans plan a strike during their league game with Arsenal on Monday night


Angry Everton fans plan 27-minute strike against Arsenal to message owner Farhad Moshiri as he returns to Goodison Park for one of the most pivotal games in his five-year reign

  • Everton face Arsenal at Goodison Park on Monday night with very high tensions
  • The football director of the club, Marcel Brands, resigned from his position on Sunday
  • The Toffees had a quiet summer transfer window, spending less than £2million
  • Their lack of spending shows as they have lost six of their last seven games
  • The fans are frustrated and plan to walk away against Arsenal in the 27th minute

Everton owner Farhad Moshiri will be in the boardroom Monday night for one of the most important games in his five-year reign.

After the latest development in a chaotic period for the club, one empty seat comes to his right. Marcel Brands, who appointed Moshiri as director of football in 2018, left his position with immediate effect on Sunday and paid the price for a disastrous recruitment period.

But it will be the potentially empty seats around the stadium in the 27th minute on Monday night, but that will be just as revealing about Everton’s current state – a massive strike is planned for that moment during Arsenal’s visit to be precise. see how deep feelings run.

Everton fans are increasingly frustrated with the way the club is run

Monday's game against Arsenal could be an awkward one for Farhad Moshiri (above)

Monday’s game against Arsenal could be an awkward one for Farhad Moshiri (above)

The significance of the time is that next May will be the 27th anniversary of Everton’s last trophy, the 1995 FA Cup. It’s the longest post-war period they’ve gone without cutlery and, after racking up two points from the last 24, fans want to be heard.

Success has never felt so far away. Evertonians want change and Brands, who faced an angry fan after last Wednesday’s 4-1 skewer by Liverpool, was the first high-profile scalp on Sunday. He never approved the arrival of Rafa Benitez in the summer and this move is for Moshiri to further support his manager.

Still, it can’t be said that the vast majority of fans feel the same about Benitez, so it will be intriguing to see how many are willing to get up and go – and what effect this will have on Moshiri, who is adamant the Spaniard needs time.

Benitez has done his best to diplomatically talk through the uproar and would not be pulled in on a video recorded after the Liverpool game in which Brands responded to a man’s criticism of his recruitment by saying: ‘Are those just the players?’

Pressure on Rafael Benitez is mounting as Everton have not had a win since September

Pressure on Rafael Benitez is mounting as Everton have not had a win since September

The answer to that pointed question is ‘no’ – what you’re seeing from Everton right now is five years of erratic decisions coming to a head. However, Brands cannot plead innocence as he never really did what a football director should do.

There was no attempt to forge a style of play from top to bottom, there was a connection to the underperforming academy and all the things promised upon its arrival in 2018, such as finding emerging young players and tapping into the South -American market, never materialized.

“If you’re having a bad run, it’s time to stick together,” Benitez said. “I don’t talk too much about things off the pitch. I don’t think that helps to improve the team. I understand the frustrations of the fans. Trust and believe me – we want to win more than anyone else.”

But with injuries to key players, including leading striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and Financial Fair Play rules making it difficult for them to get significantly stronger in the January window, there are concerns that Everton will be sucked into a relegation battle.

Everton struggles without Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who hasn't played since August

Everton struggles without Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who hasn’t played since August

Everton played 38 Premier League games this calendar year, taking 48 points. However, it is the order of the last 10 matches that has fueled the fear, with just five points out of a possible 30.

“The reality is that the table is not lying, but at the same time win one game and you could be in the top eight,” Benitez said.

“I am still very confident that we will do well. Even if we have hard times – and now is a hard time – we will be in a much better position by the end.

“I think the fans appreciate that. I am convinced that we will do well. I want us to do it right and I’m really frustrated if we don’t. I understand the frustrations of the fans. All I can do is make sure we make the right decisions.”



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