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European scam whistleblower reveals how scammers get your phone number and how to avoid it


Wondering how scammers got your phone number? Man Who Worked In European Scam ‘Boiler Rooms’ Targeting Aussies Reveals The Tricks They Use To Steal Your Money

  • An Anonymous Whistleblower Has Revealed How Scam Centers Work
  • An insider has opened up about how Australians have been targeted by the phone
  • Hackers access your information through fake cryptocurrency websites

A scammer who persuaded strangers to invest up to $500,000 in fake cryptocurrency schemes has revealed the tricks of his trade.

The scammer said he made 300 calls a day to European ‘boiler rooms’ run by organized crime gangs that regularly attacked Australians.

The man, who spoke anonymously to the ABC for fear of being killed by his former employer, said he chose to speak out in order to clear his consciousness.

“These people who are the bosses of these companies, they are very high-ranking people here in the country,” he said.

“They’re protected by gangs that drive bulletproof cars and stuff, and that puts my life on the line.”

Scam centers often trick employees into joining by telling them they work for ‘financial companies’ and by the time employees realize it’s a scam it’s too late for them to leave

The anonymous whistleblower said his colleagues were typically university educated and spoke multiple languages.

He said the crime gangs would place ads on social media to give their fake cryptocurrency websites a legitimacy to lure victims in.

Once victims visited those websites and entered their details, they would be passed on to the scam centers.

An anonymous whistleblower has revealed the inner workings of international scam centers after working for two years in 'boiler rooms' in Eastern Europe (stock)

An anonymous whistleblower has revealed the inner workings of international scam centers after working for two years in ‘boiler rooms’ in Eastern Europe (stock)

Scammers can quickly assess their targets’ dreams of what crypto could do for them and use that information to manipulate victims into making a ‘deposit’.

He said the first deposit would usually be around $250, which would then be followed by a meeting with a “financial advisor” for larger investments.

The man told the ABC that he had seen an Australian lose $500,000.

Experts estimate that as much as $42 million is lost to the Australian economy each year.

The most important thing people should remember is hanging up, the man said.

“You can’t make money with a broker who calls.”

protect yourself

Never send money or give credit card information, online account information, or personal information to anyone you don’t know or trust.

Get independent financial advice before investing money

ASIC’s MoneySmart website contains information about investing in cryptocurrencies.

If you think you are dealing with a scammer, stop talking to them and block them.

If you have sent money to the scammer, contact your financial institution immediately.

How do you recognize a scammer?

Be careful when people ask for payment via cryptocurrencies. Although cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, they are not a standard payment method.

Be suspicious of investment opportunities that promise high returns with little or no risk.

Only invest as much as you can afford to lose. Scammers will often lure people by asking for a low initial investment, but will then use high-pressure tactics to encourage you to invest more.

Think twice about taking financial advice from someone on a dating app, through a social media site, or an online dating site.

At this time, an Australian government agency will not request payment via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.



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