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Erin Molan ‘mocked Polynesians with hooka looka mooka comment, whether she knew it or not’


Molan claims Daily Mail Australia portrayed her as ‘a racist’, which was largely true in her defence, according to the publication.

The document filed in the Federal Court on Monday cited more than 20 cases where Molan exhibited racist behavior on the show from 2017 to 2020.

March 18, 2017

Ray Hadleayou: You know what you haven’t done in a long time. You haven’t done all your accents. Did you do your accents for Erin?

Erin Molan: Yeah, show me, show me.

Darryl Brohman: [American accent] How are you? Sexy lady.

Ray Hadley: Now your Chinese.

Darryl Brohman: [Chinese accent] Hey herro… [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Ray Hadley: Japanese? Japanese please.

Darryl Brohman: Ha oh double hero… [others laugh]

Ray Hadley: It is the same.

Darryl Brohman: [Indian accent] No, thank you very much. [others laugh]

Erin Molan: Someone will now write and say we are racist. I think it’s hilarious.

April 1, 2017

Ray Hadley: And now why don’t we have a chat with Darryl doing his Chinese and Erin doing her Chinese. God, you look so good.

Erin Molan: dude i looked good [unclear] [in Chinese accent].

Ray Hadley: Just do one for me ‘I’ve loved you for a long time’, just do that for me.

Erin Molan: I wish you were very tall, very handsome man, ohhh, you like to walk in a circle with me. [in Chinese accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh] I do not know what that means.

July 1, 2017

Mark Levy: Mate, I went up the Parramatta road yesterday. I said to the Indian guy, I said ‘Ched…wash my car, don’t take money from me’. [Others laugh]

Erin Molan: You can not say that.

Mark Levy: What do you mean I can’t say? He was an Indian guy. [Erin Molan laughs]

Bob Fulton: What did he say to you? What did he say? We need an accent here. [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Erin Molan: That’s where you get in trouble. [Erin Molan and others laugh]

April 19, 2017

In a discussion about the popularity of the Fijian name ‘Nakubuwai’, Molan suddenly started singing the 1961 song The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

March 17, 2018

Erin Molan: oh so goo [Asian accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Erin Molan: You like raw food… [Asian accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh] Sorry, was that racist?

Bob Fulton: Yes… it was not good.

August 18, 2018

Erin Molan: [American accent] Hello, hello everyone, hello. Hello and welcome to Channel Nine Football here on Channel Nine. It’s all Saturday night. Put your party hats on ye-haw. [Asian accent] Like a tyga. like a tyga

Bob Fulton: What? Did you become Indian?

Erin Molan: [Asian accent] i like your hair

Bob Fulton: We have an American Indian. [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Mark Levy: [stereotypical native American war cry]

Erin Molan: I don’t know what PC is or not anymore. I can’t laugh. [Erin Molan laughs]

Mark Levy: Fill the PC Brigade. That’s what we say. [Erin Molan laughs]

September 8, 2018

During a discussion about pronouncing Maori names, with many instances where the hosts allegedly made gross jokes about them:

Erin Molan: It’s Foo-seh-to-a-ya-ya-ya.


Darryl Brohman: So what about his last name, what do you call him, Kata or Katar.

Erin Molan: Qatar is a city in the Middle East.

Ray Hadley: It’s Kwi-tar. [Erin Molan laughs]

Erin Molan: Same difference.

May 18, 2019

Speaking of a trip she and Brohman took to Bali, Molan put on an “Indonesian” accent to describe being approached on the beach by local women offering massages.

Darryl Brohman: ‘Haaa I have the cheeky man so goo, so big’ [in Asian accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh].

Erin Molan: Ray, I went to the beach with Big Marn as they got closer and it was more like ‘ohhh loo big Aussie mahn, we charge four times a fee’. [in Asian accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Ray Hadley: I know what you would have said ‘hey girls we want 8 of you here, one start that end, the other start this end’, ‘we found one here’, ‘this is going to be a whole day’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Darryl Brohman: Not necessary. [Erin Molan and others laugh]. As soon as I got there, Ray, it was like a moth against the plague, wasn’t it.

Erin Molan: It’s because ‘yore big whyte Aussie mahn. You sucker’. [in Asian accent]

July 13, 2019

Darryl Brohman: I say… ‘That fity dolla, you like, like free bowl, that fityfive. Fifty-five dollars.” [Asian accent]

Erin Molan: [Erin Molan laughs] It’s not free. If it’s 55, it’s not free.

Darryl Brohman: They won’t know! They put it on a credit card. [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Bob Fulton: That’s fraud! [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Darryl Brohman: “That fityfive dolla, fityfive dolla if you want special.”

August 10, 2019

Darryl Brohman: I can do Chinese Survivor.

Erin Molan: Then go do it [Erin Molan laughs]

Mark Levy: Come on, Chinese… come on.

Darryl Brohman: [Oriental music playing in background] ‘Pwevioshly on Shurvivor…Chinese Shurvivor….’ [Chinese accent] [Erin Molan laughs] Ah cookie boy… Look at dis man… Look at dis [unclear] [Chinese accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Mark Levy: You must speak Chinese! No cross!

Erin Molan: Ching-hao [Chinese accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Darryl Brohman: Look at that guy… You have to climb that pole… he can’t climb that pole. It’s a greasy pole. He can’t stand up, he’s a big fat… should do some westerners. [Chinese accent] [Erin Molan laughs]

Bob Fulton: Hey cookie boy [others laugh].

Erin Molan: What about the Indian survivor?

Darryl Brohman: Ooh, thank you very much. [Indian accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]

August 24, 2019

Darryl Brohman: I’m going to put on a big diaper so I look like a sumo and say ‘Come and get it! Big Marn’s Chinese Cookbook!’

Ris is your cookbook…. Rou Ranna Row How do you cook things….Buy this crooks book [Chinese accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]


Bob Fulton: What about…. Special fwi w… [Chinese accent] [Erin Molan and others laugh]

Darryl Brohman: Wong-tongue? Wong-tongue? Wong-tong, gong-kong and pork-kong? [Chinese accent] [Others laugh]


Erin Molan: Now we all talk like Ohhh…you no….bad boy….you naughty…dwop your pen [Erin Molan laughs]…..pick up your chopstick [Asian accent]


Darryl Brohman: Well, mine is going to be MSG free because I don’t know what it is.

Erin Molan: No, but you don’t want that. That’s the only thing that makes it taste like Chinese takeaway, the MSG in it.

I can tell you that your cookbook won’t go well if it doesn’t have MSG. MSG makes it tasty. That’s the good thing about the takeaway.

October 5, 2019

Ray Hadley: I ran into Chris Warren this week… he was rehearsing the names for the women’s prime minister’s grand finale tomorrow, Darryl, who he’ll be calling.

Darryl Brohman: Mate… because… they get him on the phone….I think Middo tells Rabs and then Rabs tells Chris, then they have correspondence with each other….

‘Dad, how do you spell Cooka-ducka-dacka-do? I mean, how do you say it Dad?’ [Erin Molan laughs]

“Well, Middo told me it’s cooka-toka-tonka-loss”

“Well, I don’t think it’s Daddy. I think it’s cooka-toka-lucka-loo’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

‘Let me inquire at Middo. Bye’

Darryl Brohman: ‘David. Rab Warren. Can you tell me how to pronounce this gentleman, number 16 in the program. So the Big League program.’

‘That’s Cooka-tacka-tacka-li’ [Erin Molan laughs]

‘No it’s not it’s Cooka-tacka-tacka-lee’ [Erin Molan laughs]

Darryl Brohman: “Well, my son Chris says it’s Cooka-tucka-luck. Which one do you think we should go with? David?’ [Erin Molan laughs]

“I don’t know Rabs. What do you want to go with?’ [Erin Molan laughs]

‘I’m going Cooka-tucka-lacka-lacka-lee’ [Erin Molan laughs]

Erin Molan: Tooka-looka-… [ Erin Molan and others laugh]

April 5, 2020

When Daily Mail Australia asked Molan about her ‘hooka looka’ outburst, she said she was referring to this broadcast.

Brohman told an exaggerated story about a debate between father and son commentators, Ray and Chris Warren.

The pair were discussing how to pronounce the name of reserve Manly, front of Tongan descent, Haumole Olakau’atu.

Darryl Brohman: He had a name with about 30 letters in it, and I had a hard time pronouncing it and I said to Chris ‘Mate, how do you pronounce this guy’s name?’

He said, “Well, Daddy and I talked about it today, because Daddy’s a little way down the road in his luxurious coffin…”

I said, “Well, what happened?”

He said, ‘Well daddy thought his name was Chooka-lucka-loo-loo, but I said no, no, no, daddy, I think it’s Chooka-lucka-loo-loo-loo-loo’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

He says, “Chris, that’s incorrect. It’s Chooka-kaloola-loolalo’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

He says, “Well, I’m not so sure, Dad. The way I look at his Chooka-kalala-looliew’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

I said, ‘Well, it’s one hell of a predicament we’re in here.’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

He says: ‘I’m just going to check on daddy again’.


“Yes Chris?”

“Is it Chooka-kaloooo-laloo?” [Erin Molan and others laugh]

He said no. It’s Chooka-kaloola-looloo-loola’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]. So that’s what I’m going to continue with today, Big Marn.’

He said, ‘okay, what’s the name? Let’s just call him Sebby…’ [Erin Molan and others laugh]

This story was repeated in a shorter form on April 12, 2020, and Molan joined the words: ‘What was the name again? Pooka-pocka-pooka-pa?’

April 12, 2020

Erin Molan: Hey, Rabs, last week Big Marn told a really funny story about you and Chris and an interaction you had when you both called from the same premises.

Darryl has been known to exaggerate a bit, so what I’d like right now, if this is okay with you, Levy, as host, is for Darryl to retell that story and Rabs to tell you the accuracy level from 0 to 10. Would that be good?

Ray Warren: Whatever you want, Erin.

The April 5 story was then retold in much the same way as the original

Later on April 12, 2020

Darryl Brohman: When you go to a gas station, you’re like me, do you always go through thick and thin to that gas station?

Mark Levy: Yes. Firm as a rock.

Darryl Brohman: I do that too. I even know that guy over there now, he’s a nice guy. He is Indian. But he’s a really good guy.

Erin Molan: Is there only one?

Darryl Brohman: I said ‘how are you, mate?’ He said ‘oh, very good, thank you very much’ [Indian accent]

Erin Molan: Oh, Darryl. [Erin Molan laughs] You can not…

Darryl Brohman: That’s how he talks.

Mark Levy: I am also very loyal to my gas station. And yes, Darryl, my gas station attendant is Indian and he thinks my name is Russell.

Erin Molan: Can I ask everyone how do you know they are Indian?

Mark Levy: Because I had a conversation with him…

Erin Molan: He could be Pakistani….

Mark Levy: No, he is Indian.

Darryl Brohman: There is a difference. [Erin Molan laughs]

Erin Molan: I know there is a difference.


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