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Coles shopper finds Redback spider in bag of grapes, prompting warning from supermarket giant


Terrifying moment shopper finds deadly spider in Coles-bought bag of grapes – as supermarket giant warns ‘industry-wide problem’

  • Coles shopper found deadly redback spider lurking in his grapes
  • Tully Smith posted an image of an arachnid hiding in products on his Twitter account
  • Coles said spiders hiding in crops have become an ‘industry-wide problem’

A customer has warned Australians to always check their produce after finding a deadly spider among their fruit.

Melbourne resident Tully Smith posted an image to his Twitter account on Saturday showing a redback spider among a bunch of grapes he bought at a Coles supermarket.

“I have a little bonus in our delicious grapes tonight – a little Christmas visitor,” he wrote.

It’s the season folks – stay alert. We let this man go in a safe place in the garden.’

Melbourne resident Tully Smith found a deadly redback spider hiding in a bunch of grapes bought at a Coles supermarket (pictured top left)

Experts have echoed Mr Smith’s warning, saying the wet summer in Australia caused by La Nina has led to an increase in insect and animal plagues across the country.

Farmers have seen an increase in spiders, mosquitoes, termites and rodents under crops, meaning Aussies need to be careful when handling produce in supermarkets.

Redback spiders are considered “highly venomous,” especially to young children, and are commonly found in gardens, fences, and even homes.

Coles contacted Mr. Smith about the image, trying to track down the lot number and save where the grapes came from to make sure no other eight-legged creatures are lurking.

Redback spiders are considered 'highly venomous', especially to young children, and are commonly found in gardens, fences and even homes

Redback spiders are considered ‘highly venomous’, especially to young children, and are commonly found in gardens, fences and even homes

redback spiders

  • Found all over Australia
  • Usually lives in gardens or buildings
  • Non-aggressive and usually play dead when disturbed
  • Can be fatal to humans, especially in young children

The supermarket giant said in a statement that the presence of redbacks in crops has become an “industry-wide problem.”

“Redback spiders hiding in crops is an industry-wide problem and Coles is working closely with our suppliers and industry associations to eliminate any risk,” said a Coles spokesperson.

“All Coles suppliers are required to keep their fields clean and have pest control systems in place to prevent product contamination during packaging.

Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously and all grapes are visually inspected at harvest and packaging for any pests.

“We have contacted the customer and will be contacting our supplier to investigate the matter.”



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