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Cleo Smith: Best Friend Makes Heartbreaking Plea to Find Four-Year-Old Missing in WA


Friday 6.30 pm: Cleo and her family arrive at the campground as the sun sets. They quickly set up their tent and settle in to feed the two girls.

Friday 8 pm: Cleo went to bed while her younger sister and parents stayed up a little longer.

Saturday 1.30 am: Cleo woke up and asked for a drink of water. Ellie nursed her and checked on Isla, who was lying in a crib next to Cleo’s mattress in a room in the tent.

Saturday 6 am: Ellie woke up when Isla wanted a bottle. She passed the partition separating the two rooms in the tent and immediately noticed that the zipper was almost all the way open. Cleo was gone.

Saturday ‘half way’: Police and emergency services arrive to assist in the search, starting with local Carnarvon agents.

Sunday: Cleo’s mom makes a desperate appeal on Facebook to find her daughter.

Sunday Monday: Homicide detectives, bush trackers and more volunteers are called in to help with the search.

Monday: The police confirm that Cleo’s gray and red sleeping bag is also missing. They can’t say yet if there were any signs of it being dragged from the tent.

Police say they are not ruling out any possibility regarding Cleo’s disappearance.

tuesday morning: Search has been suspended due to wild weather.

Daily Mail Australia confirms that the ‘interaction’ Cleo had with her mother was ‘not sinister’ and that the four-year-old simply asked for a sip of water.

Tuesday afternoon: The search continues as the storm passes.

Tuesday 1.30 pm: Cleo’s mother and stepfather, Jake, speak to the media for the first time since she disappeared and reveal key evidence, including:

– The tent they stayed in was left almost completely open. Cleo and Isla were in the room closest to the entrance, which had been unzipped when Ellie woke up at 6 a.m. Isla was unharmed in her crib, but Cleo was gone

– Cleo is ‘not the kind of kid to wander off’ and would have woken her parents if she needed anything, such as when she woke up hours earlier to ask for a drink of water

Wednesday: Police confirm reports that a car ‘screeching’ was heard from the campsite at about 3 am.

Assistant Commissioner Darryl Gaunt revealed there are “between 10 and 20” known sex offenders in the Carnarvon area, but there are no suspects in Cleo’s disappearance after investigation.

“We’re not worried about that,” he told 6PR Mornings.

“I know some of the research strategies involved reaching out and investigating their whereabouts and movements, and right now we’re very comfortable with those studies.”

Investigators confirm Cleo would be too short to open tent’s zipper herself, raising fears she’s been kidnapped

Thursday: WA Premier Mark McGowan orders a press conference where a $1 million reward will be offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of everyone involved in Cleo’s disappearance

After an extensive search by land, sea and air, the police turn their attention to the likelihood that Cleo was taken by someone

Friday: The search by land, sea and air for little Cleo is scaled back as police spend more time investigating the kidnapping theory

Cleo’s parents hold a lonely, heartbreaking vigil at the campsite where Cleo was probably taken

Police are calling for CCTV surveillance of motels, gas stations, pharmacies, camping shops and children’s clothing stores within a 1000 km radius of the campsite


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