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Black Lives Matter, she wrote. Then ‘Everything just imploded.’


The event was billed as a celebration of her achievements, but felt more like a funeral—with a program, prayers, dinner, tearful testimonies, gospel hymns, and an overwhelming sense of loss.

“It’s not fair for little black girls to see people like us come in and be so powerful, and see them taken away — it does something to us mentally,” said Ms. Wright, who recently started at Lincoln University. , a historically Black institution in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Betley was preparing for a new job in the district: stock specialist. “This whole thing has made my role even more important,” she said, “but on a personal level, I’m terrified.”

Over the summer, the board moved to reflect Dr. Kane undo. The administrator she had fired for racist statements was rehired and the diluted stock policy was passed unanimously.

This summer, Ms. Schifanelli spoke at events about her years of struggle with Dr. Kane and her supporters. At an August rally for a Republican candidate in the Maryland governor’s race, she boasted that the Kent Island Patriots school board’s enrollment campaign had “mobilized 12,000 people against critical race theory in public schools.” Last month, that candidate, a Maryland state legislator, chose Ms. Schifanelli as his running mate. The following week, Facebook banned the Kent Island Patriots group, citing the standards for “dangerous individuals and organizations.”

dr. Kane is now a professor of practice at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, training the next generation of superintendents.

As she prepared to leave county headquarters for the last time in June, she held a vase of flowers in one arm and hugged her successor in the other. She told the new Superintendent, a white woman the board of directors hired from another Eastern Shore district, that she was just a phone call away. Before leaving the building, she adjusted the mask on her face, which was decorated with the words Black Lives Matter.

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