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Australian Space Park is under construction in Adelaide and will make flying vehicles, rockets and satellites


Australia launches new space production hub for flying vehicles, missiles and satellites to propel local sector into $12 billion industry

  • Australian Space Park is being purpose-built in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Will produce satellites, missiles, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles
  • The government of South Australia will inject $20 million and partner with four companies
  • The space sector’s contribution to GDP is expected to exceed $12 billion per year

Australia’s first dedicated space production hub will be established in Adelaide to assist in the production of everything from small satellites to flying vehicles.

The South Australian government will partner with four companies to set up the Australian Space Park, with the government investing $20 million in the new facility.

It will bolster the state’s space production capacity at a purpose-built site with companies focused on manufacturing small satellites, missiles, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles, and supporting components and engineering systems.

Prime Minister Steven Marshall said the government was transforming SA into the undisputed space state as an important part of future-proofing jobs for decades to come.

“The establishment of the Australian Space Park is a sign of our commitment to the South Australian and Australian space sectors by bridging the gap between research and development and prototyping to scale production,” he said.

South Australian government partners with four companies to establish Australian Space Park for companies focused on manufacturing small satellites, rockets and electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (stock image from the International Space Station)

The hub aligns with Australia’s space strategy which aims to triple the space sector’s contribution to GDP to over $12 billion a year and create up to 20,000 additional jobs by 2030.

“The Australian Space Park is the next step in positioning the Australian space community to deliver the full space value chain, enabling the design, manufacture, launch and mission control of new space capabilities.”

Flavia Tata Nardini, Chief Executive of Fleet Space Technologies, said the space park would bolster Australia’s growing reputation for industrial capabilities within the global aerospace and advanced aerospace sectors.

“We are delighted to be part of a facility that is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere,” said Ms Tata Nardini.

“The opportunity to work with leading minds in our field in a dedicated facility like this will accelerate progress for our entire industry.”



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