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Australian Shopper shares heartwarming TikTok gift thanks to essential workers in Coles stores


Shopper shares an incredibly heartwarming way of thanking the essential workers

  • TikTok user liberally buys chocolate from Coles team members to say ‘thank you’
  • Lisa Biscoff bought 32 Cadbury Twirls to hand out to essential workers
  • The shopper wanted to thank the team members at her Willowdale Coles

An Australian shopper has shared her heartwarming act of kindness to essential workers at her local supermarket.

TikTok user Lisa Biscoff shared a video on Tuesday encouraging her 101,000 followers to “be nice,” filmed from a Coles in Willowdale in southwestern Sydney.

“I’m in Coles and it’s a day to do something fun,” she says, holding a box of chocolates in front of the camera.

“All those Twirls, I’ll buy them and give them to the employees.”

‘You know why? Because in difficult times like these, you have to do something nice for others,” she says.

“I hope you enjoy it, Coles!”

Lisa Biscoff shared a TikTok showing her generous act for essential workers at her local Coles Willowdale store

While at the checkout, the woman informs the cashier that the box of chocolates – 32 in total, was purchased as a gift for store team members.

“Put them in the staff room in front of everyone,” she says.

“Thank you very much, that’s so sweet of you,” the cashier replies.

The employee was reportedly so grateful for the generous gesture that she hugged Ms Biscoff, who was thanked by other staff the next day after she returned to the store.

“It’s about making people laugh. Doing something nice for someone else, even small, can really change their day,” Ms Biscoff told the Daily Mail Australia.

“You don’t know what someone is going through that day, and such a nice gesture can really brighten the day.”

Ms Biscoff bought a box of 32 Cadbury Twirl chocolate bars and gave them to the staff in a random act of kindness

Ms Biscoff bought a box of 32 Cadbury Twirl chocolate bars and gave them to the staff in a random act of kindness

Ms. Biscoff’s random act of kindness was praised by TikTok users, with one person writing, “Biggest heart I know.”

“That’s so nice of you to do,” another commented.

“You’re a beautiful person,” a third added.

The generous act comes as threatening behavior towards store staff in NSW has increased 53 percent compared to last year.

The National Retail Association (NRA) report found that between March and September this year, one in five shoppers made threats with the staff.

Chief Executive Officer Dominique Lamb said more support was needed for shop workers, fearing the safety and wellbeing of staff would be at risk as the state comes out of lockdown.

“It’s unfair to rely solely on store staff to ensure shoppers adhere to vaccination passports, masks and QR code check-ins,” Ms Lamb said.

“Our industry is the largest employer of young people in the country, and it is mostly young people who are victims of abuse.

‘Everyone has the right to a safe working environment.’



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