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Australian McLaren Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo reveals his surprising driving habit


Australian motorsport champion Daniel Ricciardo reveals his surprising handling as he races around the Formula 1 circuit at 300km/h

  • McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo hopes to back Italian GP surprise win
  • Ricciardo said he listened to Majid Jordan’s ‘A Place Like This’ in the cockpit
  • The Australian aims to close the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi on Sunday
  • Ricciardo is eighth in the drivers standings after first GP win in three years

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed he won the Italian GP at Monza singing to himself in the cockpit of his McLaren – and he’s not judging the possibility of being back at number for the rest of this year’s F1 championship now that he his taste for ‘rediscovered’. shoe fighters.

The Australian’s win at Monza, completely unexpected amid an unproductive and challenging first campaign with his British team, seems to have restored all of Ricciardo’s old exuberance as he refuses to rule out the prospect of more wins this season.

But he admitted it might be a bit too much to ask for consecutive wins in Sochi, as he joked with a reporter on Thursday: ‘Ah, come on, mate, let’s just chill out a bit!

Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren and Mick Schumacher of Haas during a press conference ahead of the next F1 race in Sochi, Russia

‘We just keep doing our best. Aside from the win, I’ve been feeling better over the past few weekends, you know, I felt more comfortable and of course just excited to come and race.”

Reflecting on his stellar Italian track on Thursday in the paddock in Sochi, where he was so relaxed that he showed off his table tennis talents, the Perth ace recalled his first GP win in three years being reacquainted with the ‘calm’ feeling that ‘it all felt very familiar, it felt like home.’

Speaking to SkySports, he recalled: “I’ll tell you, there were times in the race when I just sang to myself, like I was just having fun.

“You could say I just felt it – and it was really nice to be back in that position after such a long time, and it felt normal and natural again.”

Listening to Majid Jordan’s “A Place Like This” tapping the wheel, Ricciardo felt like he was in complete control.

“That wasn’t a lack of concentration,” he said. “In a way it was kind of hyper-concentrated that I could enjoy a little free time on the straight.”

What has encouraged Ricciardo, who is still only eighth in the drivers’ standings, is that there is clearly a lot of improvement ahead as he comes to terms with handling the McLaren.

Ricciardo (pictured playing table tennis at the Sochi Autodrom circuit) said he listened to Majid Jordan's

Ricciardo (pictured playing table tennis at the Sochi Autodrom circuit) said he listened to Majid Jordan’s “A Place Like This” during his win over Monza.

“I’ve definitely made strides and I’m riding better – or at least in Monza I rode better than at other times this year,” he said.

“But I know I’m not perfecting it yet, so that’s encouraging. In Monza I felt at ease. I felt pretty comfortable, but I know there’s more to come.”

When asked if there’d be any chance of winning before the season is over and enjoying his famous ‘shoey’ party, where he sips champagne from his sweaty boot, he mused, “Could be.

“Nobody probably expected that I would be able to win a race this year, especially after the first six months.

“So I look at it and say, ‘yes, could’ and I think I’ve proven that when we’re in that position I can do it, I can handle everything that comes with leading – and so can the team .’



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