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Alcohol shortage in Australia: Dan Murphy and BWS owner warns shelves could be empty in weeks


Australia faces a BOOZE shortage as owner Dan Murphy’s and BWS warn shelves could be empty in weeks

Australia is struggling with an alcohol shortage and industry experts warn that liquor store shelves could be looted within weeks.

Endeavor Group, the owner of Dan Murphy’s and BWS, said major supply chain disruptions around the world have hampered access to some beverages.

Delivery problems have also been exacerbated as Australians celebrate coming off closed shelves.

“We’ve proactively increased lead time when importing products to mitigate potential supply chain delays,” said CEO Steve Donohue.

“There are also some inventory restrictions on imported liqueurs and certain spirits around the world, with many customers starting to make cocktails at home while bars and venues are closed during the lockdown.

Endeavor Group, owner of Dan Murphy’s and BWS, has warned Australia faces an alcohol shortage as major global supply chains are disrupted

“We don’t expect any major disruptions to customers in the run-up to Christmas.

‘If a customer is temporarily unable to find his favorite imported drink, he can find a suitable alternative in our stores.’

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